Wycombe's A&E

It doesn't suit Steve Baker to have a thriving hospital in Wycombe staffed and managed by the NHS. Letter to Bucks Free Press. 

Dear Editor

Wycombe Labour is not surprised to see in the BFP that Steve Baker called our current Mayor and five previous Mayor’s 'irresponsible' for wanting an A&E back in Wycombe. 
Wycombe lost its A&E in 2012 (not 2006, as reported, when the A&E was simply renamed as an Emergency Medical Centre).
Steve Baker’s only contribution to the debate in 2012 was to sit on a bus to Stoke Mandeville, post the video of his trip on-line and tell residents the journey was “pretty awful”. 
Then he sat on the fence for months while residents campaigned.  He finally went to see the Health Minister after the consultation period ended. 

Since then he has paid consultants to draw up plans to privatise Wycombe hospital.  He wants the hospital to be contracted out to the private sector and has said so.    So it doesn’t suit him to have a thriving hospital in Wycombe staffed and managed by the NHS.
Linda Derrick
Health Spokesperson
Wycombe Labour      

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