Wycombe Labour will campaign for a "yes" vote

Wycombe Labour today made clear its intention to campaign for a “yes” in the EU referendum.   

Riaz Ahmed,the Chair of Wycombe Labour said, “Wycombe Labour has discussed the EU referendum and will be campaigning for a “yes” for the EU referendum. We have set up a small working group to set out our position in full.  It will also form the nucleus of a Wycombe Labour campaign group to work with others in Wycombe who also want the UK to
stay in the EU.   
The group will be led by younger members of Wycombe Labour, including some of the many new members we have gained since the election.     
It would welcome contacts from other groups similarly working to keep the UK in the EU.”
David Williams QC, Wycombe Labour’s Parliamentary candidate said, “The UK should stay in the EU.  The EU is not perfect by any means and it needs reform.  However, the UK can best look after its interests by staying in the EU and negotiating reform from within.  There are businesses in Wycombe that rely on being in the EU for parts of their trade – so jobs in
Wycombe are at stake in this.  
I see that Steve Baker has already started campaigning for the UK to leave the EU.  Indeed I see from the Mail on Sunday that he became an MP in 2010 with only one aim - to leave the EU. And he said he will give up his seat if the referendum goes the ‘wrong’ way, saying there would be ‘no point’ in staying on.
I doubt if his constituents realised the full extent of Steve Baker’s fixation on getting out of Europe when they voted for him in 2010 or this year, or that he would give up on the people of Wycombe if the country votes “yes”.  I was under the impression that the role of Wycombe’s MP was to represent the interests of the people of Wycombe rather than to provide Steve with an opportunity to scratch a personal political itch.      
 I hope very much that the UK does vote “yes” and I look forward to the by-election which will follow when Steve Baker resigns.  “

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