Wycombe Labour welcomes Disraeli NAG

Wycombe Labour is delighted that the Heart Project at the Pastures Church is holding the inaugural meeting of Disraeli’s Neighbourhood Action Group on 17 November at 8pm. 

Councillor Ahmed, Labour’s Councillor for Disraeli, said “Wycombe Labour has been encouraging residents to set up a NAG for some time.   Residents have told us about the problems of getting issues sorted out, whether it is parking or potholes or anti-social behaviour.  It is difficult doing this if residents act alone.

A NAG would bring residents, the police and community and elected representative together to agree priorities, to decide what should be done and to monitor action.   It is about the community tackling issues, not individuals.”

Linda Derrick, who is helping out in Disraeli while Councillor Ahmed is Mayor, said, “Wycombe Labour wants the community to take the lead in running the NAG.   We will do everything we can to help the NAG be a success for the well being of the neighbourhood.  We do not want to chair the NAG or run it; we want residents to step up and work together for the community.”

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