Wycombe Labour thanks police

Wycombe Labour today thanked Thames Valley Police for their response to a complaint made by their Press Officer and encouraged others to complain if they are worried by the actions of the police.  

Dr Linda Derrick, Wycombe Labour'�s Press Officer said: 

"�I was angry and worried about the actions of the police when I went to a meeting at Wycombe police station in January.   

I thought the police had concerns about my background and I wanted the opportunity to address those concerns. I therefore complained through the Thames Valley Police complaints procedure.  It took some time but I have now had my complaint investigated, my worries put to rest and an apology from Superintendent McLean at Wycombe.   I appreciate this response. 

I know some people are frightened to complain to the police or they don'�t know how.    But no-one should feel worried or frightened about complaining to the police.  No-one should feel they are under a cloud but not able to do anything about it because they feel uncomfortable about questioning, or challenging, the police. 

So I would encourage residents to complain - politely - if they are not happy with the actions of the police. 

This is a challenging time for Wycombe as individuals and organisations seek to divide communities and stir up hatred � whether it is hatred of immigrants, or the unemployed, or people on benefits, the disabled, the homeless, people who are mentally ill, or people of different ethnic backgrounds or religions.  

It is critical in such times that the public trust and support the police.  It is critical that the police and the public work together in an atmosphere of co-operation and mutual respect.  The Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police has stressed this is a priority and it is fundamental to the way in which the British police force works. 

The police work for us, the community, and, in return, we have to help them with that work.  It is a two-way relationship."�

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