Wycombe Labour queries Steve Baker's EU "no" campaign

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Dear Editor


The BFP has, quite rightly, given considerable space to the views of Wycombe’s MP in view of the prominent position he is taking on the campaign for the UK to leave the EU. 


These views should come as no surprise to his constituents as Steve Baker has been expressing them for some time.  Indeed he said very clearly at various hustings including at Marlow Bottom that he would be campaigning for a “no” vote in any EU referendum.  He also included a very simple outline of his views on his election leaflets.


Indeed the only surprise is that Steve Baker says the Prime Minister has his support during the “reform negotiations”.    Steve Baker knows very well that the Prime Minister will not be able to deliver what Mr Baker regards as essential pre-conditions for the UK to stay in the EU. Steve Baker describes them as “modest proposals” but sovereignity and border controls are hardly modest in the context of EU treaties.


One of these “modest proposals” for example is a migration policy that applies equally to all.    Steve Baker knows that this “modest proposal” is unachievable if it means that the movement of EU citizens is to be restricted in the same way as the movement of people outside the EU.   The free movement of people within the EU is a fundamental principle of the EU. 


Conversely, he cannot be seriously suggesting that people outside the EU are to enjoy free movement to the UK in the same way that EU citizens do. 


Steve Baker knows that whatever the Prime Minister manages to negotiate by way of reforms, it will not satisfy his pre-conditions and Steve Baker will be arguing for the UK’s departure from the UK, come what may.  It is misleading for him to suggest otherwise.  


So we would like to ask three questions via the BFP’s letter page:

-         Does Steve Baker speak for himself or does he speak on behalf of Wycombe Conservative Party?    What is the position of Wycombe Conservatives on the EU referendum?


-         When is Steve Baker going to give his constituents the opportunity to ask him in more detail about his views and to debate them with him?    For example he stated that EU rules restrict UK businesses trading with China and Africa.  Which rules? And how do they restrict the UK trading outside the EU?   


-         What do Wycombe businesses think about Steve Baker’s views, particularly those businesses which depend on membership of the EU?    And what do their employees think, particularly those whose livelihood depends on their employer’s membership of the EU?

David Williams QC
Wycombe Labour's Parliamentary Candidate

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