Wycombe Labour calls for the resignation of Cllr. Katrina Wood as Council Leader over ANPR scandal!

Wycombe Labour's Deputy Group Leader Cllr Khalil Ahmed called for the leader of Wycombe
District Council to step aside as leader as an act of belated sense duty for her failure to
reveal the true cost of the bungled ANPR system.

Councillor Khalil Ahmed, Labour’s Councillor for Disraeli, asked the leader a question during
a Full Council meeting last night,

"In light of the recent Bucks Free Press article relating to the loss of revenue through
uncollected fines from the now defunct ANPR system, can the leader explain to the public as
to why we are having to find out about the true cost of the failed project via FOI's and could
she also comment on why a full inquiry was not deemed appropriate to dispel any theories
of a cover up regarding the actual amountlost?"

The leader's response was a repeat of the answer previously given when she was challenged by
the Labour councillor for failing to carry out the necessary due diligence before
implementation of the ill-fated ANPR system and assertions that the cabinet member was
incompetent and negligent in her duty. Cllr Ahmed went on to say

The leader's comments in last weeks Bucks Free Press article refer to the ANPR system as
'old news' and frankly this is appalling, to say the least. Considering that the leader decided
to reshuffle her cabinet and opted to replace the Cabinet Member for Environment Services,
clearly, this was an acknowledgement of failure within her own team and would it not have
been fairer if she too had considered her position as leader, through a belated sense of

This prompted a very angry response from Cllr Katrina Woods who denied the claim that the
ANPR system as a fiasco as alleged by Cllr Ahmed.

Now it looks as though Wycombe Labour was right all along ever since the issue was
highlighted nearly two years ago. Cllr Ahmed and his colleagues were prevented from
raising this issue initially due to the legal challenge mounted by WDC against the
government. After losing this challenge at the cost of thousands of pounds, WDC were then
confronted not only by Wycombe Labour but the BFP also, after their investigation into the
ANPR system.

In light of everything that has unfolded and the huge waste of tapaers money, the leader
of WDC has no confidence left from the people she stands to represent and therefore should

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