Where was our MP on the Prophet's Birthday?

Councillor Ian Bates, Leader of the Labour Group on WDC attended the annual parade through Wycombe on the Prophets’ Birthday last Sunday.  So too did David Williams, QC, our Parliamentary candidate.

So did other members of Wycombe Labour.  We wanted to show solidarity with our Muslim neighbours in what has been a difficult time for them.

But where was Steve Baker, our local MP?  

We hadn’t seen any statement from him about the killings in France and Brussels.  He hadn’t expressed any views about the letter sent by Eric Pickles to Muslim leaders asking them to demonstrate “how faith in Islam can be part of British identity”. 

We were told he had an invitation to the parade.  Surely he too would want to show solidarity with his Muslim neighbours, his constituents, as they celebrated their faith.

But he didn’t turn up.  People were disappointed.

Perhaps he was away on business or ill? 

But no. 

Steve Baker chose to spend the morning of the parade challenging a cage fighter and being, somewhat violently, wrestled to the ground.   We know because he put the video on his website and it then appeared in the local paper. 

It seems a peculiar way for our, purportedly, peace-loving MP to spend a Sunday morning, particularly when he could have demonstrated his commitment to peace in a public way by attending the parade.

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