Where do local Tory Councillors stand on the EU?

Wycombe needs to know where its local Councillors stand on the EU.  Letter to the Bucks Free Press, jointly with Wycombe Lib Dems.  Dear Editor

We are writing this joint letter because we believe Wycombe voters should know where its local elected representatives stand on one of the most important decisions this country has to take - whether to remain or leave the European Union.  With many of our local employers trading in Europe, we feel that employees should know whether their local Councillor is taking a risk with their jobs.
Voters will know that the Labour Party nationally and locally is strongly in support of remaining in the EU.   All its local Councillors strongly support remaining in the EU.
Voters will know that the Lib Dems nationally and locally are strongly in support of remaining in the EU.  All its local Councillors strongly support remaining in the EU.
Voters will know that the Tory Government is strongly in support of remaining in the EU but the Tory Party nationally is split with much acrimony.  Voters will know that our local MP is leading one of the campaigns to leave the EU and indeed has said he will resign if the country votes to remain in the EU. 
But where does the Wycombe Conservative Association and our local Tory Councillors stand?     Steve Baker seems to be well supported in his local campaigning by UKIP members but his Tory colleagues seem conspicuous by their absence.   We only saw one - Cllr Alan Hill -  canvassing with Steve Baker on Saturday morning. 
Perhaps the BFP could ask the local Tory Party and our Tory Councillors exactly where they stand on this important issue which will affect the lives of most of the voters in Wycombe in so many ways. 
Mahamid Ahmed, Secretary of Wycombe Labour
Ian Morton, Election Agent, Wycombe Liberal Democrats.


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