WDC urged to take Syrian refugees at Council meeting on 5 Oct

Wycombe Labour is calling for a debate on Syrian refugees at the Council meeting of Wycombe District Council proposing  the following motion

" In the light of the Syrian refugee crisis and the announcement by Government to take 20,000 refugees between now and 2020, this Council resolves to take a minimum of 200 refugees in the first batch of 10,000 that will be in over the next few months.  

If you would like to come and support the call for WDC to help the refugees, the meeting is at 6.30pm in the main Council room at the Council building on Queen Victoria Road.  Just go in the main doors and up the staircase.  We are hoping for a good audience in the public gallery.

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  • John Bajina
    commented 2015-11-11 13:32:33 +0000
    A right, moral and humanitarian campaign. You have forced a debate, well done again

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