Tipping the scales

Wycombe Labour suggests Steve Baker, MP, looks in his own backyard if he is concerned about politicians using taxpayers’ funds to tip the scales to influence voters.  There is no need to wait for the EU referendum to see this happening.

Last week Steve Baker supported the Labour Party in voting against the Government’s proposals to relax the “purdah” rules for the EU referendum.  These rules prohibit public officers from helping politicians campaign and prevent politicians spending taxpayers’ money close to an election to influence voting.  
Over the past few months, Wycombe Labour has exposed an example of this sort of behaviour.   
Tory Councillors wanted to put a sign up in Disraeli before the district elections to demonstrate that their candidate, Councillor Maz Hussain, could deliver for Disraeli.  Disraeli ward is a marginal.    
Tory Councillors committed over £900 of taxpayers‘ money to pay for this sign against the rules and told falsehoods to get the sign put up even though it does not comply with the law.   When they were found out, Councillor Hussain became personally liable for paying for the sign.  He has so far failed to pay.   
The sign has now been taken down.    Wycombe Labour is still asking what action BCC are taking to get taxpayers’ money back.
Councillor Khalil Ahmed, Labour’s Councillor for Disraeli, said, “The story of why this sign went up, why it has come down and why the taxpayer is footing the bill is a farce but it is also a story of corruption and falsehood by Tory Councillors.     
Taxpayers have paid out over £900 to put the sign up, have paid out to take the sign down and got nothing for their money.  And this at a time when BCC are cutting vital services and every penny counts.  Other people owing the Council this sort of money get taken to court.

It just shows what the Tories will do to try to influence voters.      
We have called for the resignation of the Councillors concerned, including Councillor Hussain, but they carry on regardless.   This is just normal behaviour for them.  
So it is a wonderful irony that we now find our MP so concerned about this practice that he rebelled against the Government.   But perhaps he is only concerned when it comes to the EU referendum?   
He might like to look at what his Tory colleagues are doing in his own backyard to tip the scales using taxpayers' funds to influence voters. “

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