The warped priorities of Bucks County Council

The Bucks Free Press published a New Year letter from the Chair of BCC last week.  Wycombe Labour responded.

Dear Editor

re Open letter from Martin Tett, Leader BCC on work to do in the year ahead.

1. On the one hand, Mr Tett didn't mention that 

- childrens' social care was not one of BCC's top two priorities last year, 

- Childrens' Services was assessed by OFSTED as inadequate, that failures in safeguarding were widespread and serious and that children were at risk of harm, 

- the Secretary of State for Education has sent in her own advisors to sort the problems out, and  

- it will all cost us about £9million pounds this year.

Mr Tett offered no apology to the thousands of vulnerable children who were (and still are) let down by BCC, nor to their families who are still struggling. 

2.  On the other hand, Mr Tett fully recognised that the grass wasn't cut as often as it should have been last year.    He apologised for not cutting the grass often enough. 

3.  Says it all really.

Linda Derrick
Health and Social Care Spokesperson
Wycombe Labour

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