The Disraeli sign - yet again

A statement by Councillr Khalil Ahmed, Labour Councillor for Disraeli about the sign in Disraeli. 

'' I have been asked by a number of residents whether I have had anything to do with a sign put up at the bottom of the Pastures which says "Welcome to Disraeli".  This is the third time a sign has been put up on this land which I understand is privately owned.    

I have had nothing to do with any of the signs being put up. 
If anyone knows who put the signs up in the last few weeks, I would be grateful if they could let me know. The signs do not comply with the law and I asked Bucks County Council to take the current sign down.  BCC has agreed to remove the structure on which the sign is mounted as this is the property of BCC.

The first time a sign was put up at the bottom of the Pastures was in May this year.  It was put up by Bucks County Council, despite the fact that it did not comply with road traffic sign regulations.  

It was put up at the insistence of Cllr Maz Hussain, the Tory Wycombe District Councillor for Disraeli.  Cllr Richard Scott, then Tory Leader of WDC, assured BCC that the cost would be covered by Cllr Hussain's WDC ward budget.   Cllr Hussain failed to apply for funding from this budget and was asked by BCC to pay for the sign himself.   He failed to pay.  

BCC then decided to take the sign down as it did not comply with the law and decided not to press Cllr Hussain for the cost of the sign.   
BCC says this sign, which cost over £1000 to make, erect and then take down, is still in BCC's depot.   I complained at the time about this waste of public money.

The second time a sign was put up was a few weeks ago.   This second sign was defaced within a few days so it read "Welcome to Israel".      

A few days ago, this sign was taken down and a third sign put up again saying "Welcome to Disraeli".  
BCC and WDC have said that they have had nothing to do with the sign going up for the second and third times.

Cll Khalil Ahmed, Labour councillor for Disraeli
24 December 2015

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