Steve Baker's views on the budget and what we think of them

Mahamid Ahmed, Wycombe Labour's Secretary said
"Steve Baker’s first – and apparently only - concern about the budget is that it is a nightmare for the Tories.     

He’s not concerned about the million or so disabled people whose benefits would be cut.  He’s not concerned about the millions of people who are effected by our stagnating economy and struggling on low and middling incomes.   He's not concerned about the budget’s gross inequality in taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich. 
No, he is concerned about the Tories.

And why is he concerned about the Tories?   Well because this “nightmare” must not be allowed to poison the EU debate.    
Wycombe Labour is concerned as anyone that the in-fighting in the Tory Party is distracting from the debate about the EU referendum – one of the most important decisions this country has to make.   

The EU referendum should have nothing to do with the poison in the Tory Party or who will be its next leader.  It is about voting for the best interests of this country – not about voting for Osborne or Boris or some other incompetent Tory.

To cap it all, Steve Baker says the Tories have ended up being elected on a manifesto that “in a rather woolly way” has to “save billions of pounds in working age benefits” rather than benefits for pensioners because pensioners are seen as Tory voters. 

This from a man who voted recently to cut the Employment Support Allowance from £103 to £73.  This from a man who voted for the bedroom tax.  This from a man who has voted consistently for every cut to benefits the Tories have proposed without one word of protest.  Now we find he thinks what the Tories are doing is all “rather woolly”.   

What the Tories are doing is not "rather woolly" Mr Baker.     Because we know you are interested in economics, we can tell you what the Tories are doing brings in less taxes and the Government has to borrow even more.   What the Tories are doing is economically incompetent.

But above all this, what the Tories are doing is unfair, deeply divisive, cruel and devoid of any social conscience.

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