Steve Baker really is a part-time MP

Wycombe Labour's letter to the Bucks Free Press

Dear Editor

 So Steve Baker rejects Cllr Khalil Ahmed’s claim that he is a part-time MP (your paper October 16).  Well there’s a surprise.


It’s hardly likely that any MP would agree to such a charge, so what we need to do is to look at what he claims is keeping him so busy.  He says that between the European Union, the Treasury Select Committee, Health and prosperity issues and what he calls ‘right relationships’ he’s a very busy person.


However, there's not a word about the issues that are blighting the lives of many of his constituents.  What is he doing for the 30%+ of children in some parts of Wycombe who are living in poverty?  What is he doing to argue for the 9,100 Wycombe children who live in homes where they’ll lose on average £1300 in tax credit next April.  He mentions Health (actually just one word) but what is he doing about creeping privatisation and inadequacy of local services.  Does he not recognise the seriousness of the housing situation?  I’d like to know how much time he has spent at Westminster campaigning for his constituents who have desperate housing problems.


He says he is Co-Chairman of Conservative for Britain who are working closely with the Vote Leave Campaign.   We are asked to accept that this justifies his rebuttal of the charge of being a part- time MP.  Well Mr Baker it doesn’t.  You have personally chosen to do that without knowledge of how leaving the EU would affect the jobs of many Wycombe people or caring much about the social benefits your constituents would lose. 


Is it not reasonable to judge whether an MP is busy on the basis of how they connect to the problems facing their constituents and whether they champion the interests of the people they represent.  Sorry Mr Baker but you fail that test.


Ian Bates

Vice Chair, Wycombe Labour Party

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