statement on proposals for unitary council structure

Statement from Wycombe Labour on Bucks County Council's proposals to move to a unitary structure. 
"So far Bucks County Council has failed to provide a full cost benefit analysis of the options for a unitary  council as against the status quo.   In particular it has failed to set out how any changes would improve the services that district and county councils currently provide.  
It is therefore difficult for the Labour Party - or the public - to take an informed view of what is best for Buckinghamshire and what is best for the individual districts.  
It is essential that this information is provided urgently and the public given the opportunity to comment before any decisions are made. 
At this stage, we can only say two things with certainty.  First, it takes resources to plan and implement any change and resources would be needed up front before any savings can flow from the change.  Extra resources will not be made available for any change and would have to be found from existing budgets.   And resources are stretched very tight indeed as the Government's austerity programme bits deeper and deeper into local authority budgets.
Second, we know that the Tories are bitterly divided about any changes.  Discussions and decisions will be taken in secret by the Tories for reasons which have nothing to do with improvements to services and everything to do with Tories retaining power."  

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