Stark reality of 11+ for Wycombe Town schools

Some facts speak for themselves. 

These are the pass rates for the new 11+ exam for pupils in each of Wycombe Town schools,
to the best of Wycombe Labour’s knowledge:

       pass rate                   
       pre-appeal 2014                   
Ash Hill Primary School                               4%      
Beechview  School                                   11%     
Booker School                                          13%     
Castlefield School                                     2%     
Chepping View Primary School               22%     
Disraeli School                                         6%      
Hamilton Academy                                  25%     
High Wycombe CE Combined School      25%     
King’s Wood School                                  6%     
Millbrook Combined School                      3%     
Oakridge School                                    12%     
St Michael’s Catholic School                   12%     
These are the average pass rates: -  
for Wycombe Town schools     12%     
for all pupils       31%

for pupils from private schools     65%
What people have said about the outcome of the new 11+

1. The grammar schools are now responsible for the 11+ exam.  This is what grammar school heads said last week about the new exam: -
“This new 11+ test is fairer for children of all backgrounds whether from private or state schools. “
“We are not going to say it’s a perfect test but it was quite refreshing to hear from our primary colleagues it was a big improvement on the previous test and they felt the test changes had been very positive.”
2. Bucks County Council remains legally responsible for ensuring fair access to opportunity for education.   BCC has not issued a press release or statement on the outcome of the new 11+ exam.   The Tory BCC Cabinet member for education has not commented on the outcome of the new 11+ exam.    
The Tory Chair of the BCC’s Education Scrutiny Committee said at the end of a scrutiny meeting last week:-  
“We would like to keep an eye on this subject on a yearly basis.”
3. This is what Wycombe Labour says about the new exam:-
“The 11+ doesn’t select on the basis of a pupil’s ability which is what the grammar schools claim.   It is unfair because it disadvantages pupils from poorer backgrounds and from ethnic minority groups.  It is damaging because it makes pupils who do not pass the exam feel like failures.  Wycombe Labour believes the 11+ should be abolished”
David Williams, QC, Wycombe Labour’s Parliamentary candidate said,
“Many Wycombe voters say they do not believe politicians of any party ; voters say all the parties are the same.   So we have set out the facts for Wycombe Town schools, we have set out what the grammar schools have said,  what the Tories on Bucks County Council have said and what Wycombe Labour think.   Voters in Wycombe Town can decide for themselves.”

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