Star Blocks flats Castlefield

Now we know how Red Kite intends to redevelop the Star Blocks flats.  Quote from Councillor Mohammed Hanif, Labour Councillor for Oakridge and Castlefield..........

"I have found out from WDC that Red Kite plans to redevelop the Star Blocks flats by demolishing the existing 69 social housing units and replacing with 102 affordable units, 12 shared ownership units and 12 outright sale units to be delivered by 2018/9.   So Red Kite do not apparently intend to replace any of the existing 69 social homes.   I think this is very bad news for the thousands of Wycombe residents on the waiting list - 69 fewer flats at rents they can afford and not one additional social housing unit. 

If Red Kite is not going to build new social homes, who will?  No wonder Red Kite didn't want to give local Councillors the  information."

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