shooting in Disraeli

Statement by Councillor Khalil Ahmed, Labour Councillor for Disraeli, on 30 December 2015..........

I am shocked at the report of the shooting on Hithercroft Road two days ago and of a mugging on the same street on Christmas Day.  Two violent crimes on the same street within a few days.  Residents are worried  - and understandably so.

The police have said they would like to reassure the public because the shooting was “targeted against an individual” and there is no threat to the community.   I do not find this very reassuring.  If someone is shooting an individual on the street, targeted or not, bystanders are at risk; shootings can cause serious injury to innocent people.

What does this mean – that the shooting was targeted at an individual?  Is this, as some people have said, a shooting by a member of a gang?  Does Disraeli now have a gang culture?

These are not the first violent crimes in Downley/Disraeli.  In July there was a stabbing in Mendip Way and last month there was an armed robbery at a store in Southfield Road which had already had an armed robbery a few years earlier. 

We have seen violent crimes in other parts of Wycombe including armed robbery and murder.  It would be helpful if the police could provide some information about violent crime in Wycombe.  Every week we see violent crime reported in the Bucks Free Press.  Is this a case of the press being sensational or is there an increase in violent crime.    Have we now got a gang culture in Wycombe?

If violent crime is no worse than ever, then good.  We can put these crimes down as isolated events.  But there is an increase, we need to know why.   

It is all very well the Crime and Policing Commissioner telling the Government (quite rightly as it turned out) that it had got its formula wrong in allocating funds to the force.  But that only meant Thames Valley got slightly more of an ever decreasing cake.  You can’t keep slashing the funding to the police and expect the streets to stay safe

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