Risks from terrorism in Wycombe

Wycombe Labour today called on the police and WDC to inform residents openly and clearly about the risks of terrorism and radicalisation in Wycombe and what they are doing about it. 

Mahamid Ahmed, Wycombe Labour'�s Secretary, said �"Over the last week or so, the Bucks Free Press has reported a number of claims made by the English Defence League as the EDL seeks publicity for its march in the town in April.  A number of people have refuted those claims and, unfortunately, by doing so have managed to get the EDL on to the front page of the Bucks Free Press. 

The reality is that the EDL is a small extreme right-wing party which organises protests and marches in areas where there are high numbers of Asian Muslims to stir up trouble.  

Enough said.  

I would hope that Wycombe residents have far more sense than to listen to, far less support, such an organisation.

What is far more important is getting a sensible and honest assessment from the police and WDC about the problems of terrorism and radicalisation in Wycombe and what they are doing about it.  

We cannot ignore these problems as we all know they exist.  

Wycombe District was designated as a Tier 1 Priority Area under the Prevent Strategy in  2013 and WDC received funding from the Home Office. 

However, the last published report from WDC on the Prevent Programme was in December 2014.  

The report concluded that additional funding from the Government between 2007 and 2011 had made a significant contribution towards community cohesion.  However, some people thought it was excessively focused upon the Muslim community to the perceived exclusion of others.  This caused some anxiety leaving "�a residue of mistrust, suspicion and
resentment by some within the District.� "

The report included a delivery plan but pointed out that funding was due to end in March 2015. 

Since then, nothing.   

No report on the delivery of the plan, no information about funding and no information about the success or otherwise of the efforts of the police and WDC.  

The whole purpose of the programme was to engage stakeholders and work with partners. 

So it would be good if WDC and the police could tell all its residents what it is doing.� "

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