Return to the Rotten Boroughs?

Councillor Khalil Ahmed, Labour Councillor for Disraeli, today called for an explanation from Councillor Maz Hussain, the Tory Councillor for Disraeli, about the erection of a “Welcome to Disraeli” sign at the bottom of the Pastures.   He said Councillor Hussein showed a complete disrespect for the views of Disraeli residents in not consulting them properly about the sign.  
Councillor Hussain was also bringing patronage back to local politics in an attempt to influence voters.   

Councillor Ahmed said,  
“The sign at the bottom of the Pastures has caused considerable comment from residents, most of it critical.   Many residents have complained to me that it is a waste of public money at a time when they are struggling and other more pressing problems need to be tackled.  I have been asked why I agreed to the sign.   
I would therefore like to make it clear that I have not in any way agreed to the sign, nor been involved in any way with it going up.  I was not even informed that the sign was being erected.    
I have had to make my own enquiries about the sign.  I now know from WDC that it has not approved any of its monies being spent on the sign.   
Transport for Bucks apparently carried out the work at the personal request of Councillor Hussain and I am informed by WDC that the invoice for the work will be sent to Councillor Hussain personally for payment.    
Wycombe Labour is asking TfB why it authorised and erected a sign for Disraeli, apparently during the election period, on the basis of a Tory Councillor’s personal request and at his personal expense, despite giving written advice previously that the signs such as these were not authorised under traffic legislation and would set unwelcome precedents elsewhere.   

We have asked TfB how much the work cost, when it was authorised and by whom.   
I am also calling on Councillor Hussain to explain why he did not consult residents properly before personally commissioning the sign and demand that he now urgently consults residents fully and openly through the newly formed Disraeli Neighbourhood Action Group.
Councillor Hussain has shown a complete disrespect for the residents of Disraeli in putting up a sign without proper consultation and their agreement.   
It also raises some wide- ranging questions.   
This isn’t the first time Councillor Hussain has bought things for Disraeli at his own expense, amounting to at least some thousands of pounds.  Is this really the way we expect our Councillors to behave?   Do we really want Councillors to decide for themselves what needs to be done and then personally pay for it?   Do we really want to see that kind of patronage
in our elected representatives?” 

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