retraction demanded from Lib Dems

Wycombe Labour today demanded an apology and a retraction of a statement made by one
of the Wycombe Lib Dem Councillors in the Bucks Free Press on 29 August.

The Councillor said that "Labour and Conservatives signed off and voted for the council houses to be sold
off to Red Kite."

This statement is untrue.

When Wycombe District Council voted to transfer all its Council houses to Red Kite on 29 Nov 2011, none of the Labour Councillors voted in support; five voted against and 2 abstained. One of those who abstained was a Council tenant and was unable to vote, the other has since defected to the Tories.

Voting on this issue was recorded in the minutes of the meeting and anyone who wishes to check can look on WDC’s website at

Cllr Ian Bates, Leader of the Labour Group on Wycombe District Council said, “Far from supporting the sale of the Council houses, the Labour Party campaigned long and hard against the sale as it became obvious that it was not the best deal for the tenants nor for other residents.

We believe WDC misled tenants in the housing transfer offer and said so publicly before the
Council voted.

We wrote many times to WDC and to the Secretary of State about our concerns about the sale – and these documents were made available on our website and were made public in press releases.

How this Councillor quoted in the BFP could suggest we voted for the sale beggars belief.

We hope the Lib Dems will issue an apology and a retraction quickly – and we would ask that the Bucks Free Press prints it.”

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