rED's Army advancing across Wycombe 17 April 2015

IMG_0469.PNGThe rED's Army was campaigning across Wycombe yesterday and advancing on CON HQ. 

Keeping the Red Flag flying here .. in Booker, Disraeli and Sands today. On a beautiful day we spent a long but satisfying day talking to people and leafletting across Wycombe. 
Christine (Voter) [rushing towards me]: Hey, are you David Williams?
DW (nervously): Yes, why?
Christine: Well when are you going to get that other f***** David out of Downing Street.
DW (relieved) : Well with your support , hopefully on May 8th.

Being asked for a Labour poster almost as soon as we parked and finding it proudly on display when we finished leafletting

Putting a leaflet through a door just as a huge white wolf leapt at the glass and proceeded to tear Henry and Asif's leaflet to shreds! 

rED's army is marching slowly but surely across Wycombe asking the question - what sort of society do you want to live in? 
A society which puts the interests of ordinary people first, which tackles inequality and strives for social, economic, civil and political justice?
Or one which looks after the rich and believes free market ideas are more important than people. Check out the Wycombe Conservatives website if you want to see what they stand for.

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