Red Quadrant consultants appointed to sort out Children's Services

Wycombe Labour today demanded the resignation of the Leader of the Tory Group on Bucks ounty Council and of its Chief Executive as the full extent of the failures of BCC’s Children’s Services becomes clear and the full extent of BCC’s incompetence in dealing with it. 

Wycombe Labour also demanded to know how much it will cost BCC to pay for a company of consultants appointed by the Secretary of State as her advisors to sort out BCC’s Children’s Services.    
On 19 November, Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education, issued a statutory direction rejecting BCC’s plan to bring its Children’s Services up to an adequate standard.  BCC was legally required to submit this plan to the Department of Education after a scathing OFSTED report assessed BCC’s Children’s Services as inadequate.    Nicky Morgan appointed
advisors and directed BCC to co-operate with them.

The advisors are a private sector company of consultants called Red Quadrant.   The company will begin work next week at BCC and will report on a quarterly basis to Nicky Morgan.  The direction requires BCC to provide the necessary support for Red Quadrant.  

Linda Derrick, Wycombe Labour’s health and social care spokesperson said, “BCC has already put £8milllion extra into the Children’s Services this year to cover its overspend and to do work which should have been done as a matter of good practice.  That is a measure of the extent to which BCC’s Children’s Services were under-resourced.  

BCC will now have to pay for the services of Red Quadrant to do the work the Council should have done when it realised that something was seriously wrong with Children’s Services.   

The Chief Executive knew there was something seriously wrong at least in January this year when his Director of Children’s Services wrote to him formally warning him.  

Red Quadrant will be looking to see why the services are inadequate, what should be done to put it right and whether the leadership has the necessary competences.  BCC has to co-operate with any recommendations its consultants might come out with.

All that work by Red Quadrant is going to cost BCC even more money.  

How much we don’t know because BCC are being remarkably silent about their failure to convince Nicky Morgan that they could put things right.  And remarkably silent about the appointment of Red Quadrant and how much it is going to cost.   
No press release, no statement.   You have to look on BCC’s webcast and watch the right meeting to find out what is happening.   

I can’t see BCC getting change out of a £1million for the services of Red Quadrant – and this for work it should have done itself.”

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