Privatisation of the NHS: How did Steve Baker, MP vote on Friday?

Wycombe Labour is delighted that a majority of MPs voted on Friday to undo the most damaging parts of the Health and Social Care Act passed by the Coalition Government in 2012.   However, Wycombe Labour would like to know where Steve Baker was on Friday and why he did not vote for this Bill.  

David Williams, QC, Wycombe Labour’s Parliamentary candidate, said “In 2012, Wycombe’s MP, Steve Baker, voted for the Health and Social Care Act which enforced competition and privatisation in the NHS.   

In October, I went to a meeting at Bucks New University and challenged Steve Baker about a study he had recently published into the future of Wycombe hospital.  I believe that its  recommendations would mean the privatisation of Wycombe hospital.     

Steve Baker said he was against privatisation.   He did this in front of an audience of some hundred people, all deeply concerned about the provision of urgent care in Wycombe, and in front of the press.  

On Friday, he had the chance to vote on a private members Bill which would protect the NHS from privatisation and from the ravages of competition law and international trade agreements and start  putting people not profits back into the heart of the NHS.  

On Friday, we had the opportunity to see if Steve Baker had truly changed his mind on privatisation of the NHS.  We had the opportunity to see if he agreed with senior Tories that the £3billion NHS re-organisation has been their biggest mistake in Government.    
Steve Baker didn’t vote.   He did go to Parliament on Thursday and spent several hours debating his favourite subject – fractional reserve banking and the money supply.  Wycombe Labour would like to know why he didn’t vote for this important Bill.  Where was he when this important vote was taking place? If he believes privatisation introduces the
wrong incentives into health care why was he not supporting the Bill?  Why was Thursday’s debate more  important than Friday’s vote?

He will have another opportunity to vote for this Bill when it comes back to the House of Commons from Committee.   Wycombe Labour will see which way he votes then – for or against privatisation of the NHS. ”

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