OFSTED condemns BCC for putting vulnerable children at risk

Wycombe Labour today called for the resignation of Angela Macpherson, Cabinet member for Children’s Social Services at Bucks County Council.  


Linda Derrick, Wycombe Labour’s spokesperson for health and social care said, “We have known for a long time that Bucks Social Services was failing vulnerable people.  We know this from the many cases we have dealt with where people, children and adults, have had problems with BCC’s Social Services.  Time after time we have found BCC’s Social Services to be incompetent and uncaring. 

And now at last we have had this confirmed by OFSTED and now at last BCC is forced to act. 

This isn’t report isn’t about a situation which happened some time ago and has now been put right.  These failures go right through the system and stem from a lack of compassion and competence at the top.


We know that officials will be blamed.  But responsibility for the services at BCC lies with the Tory-dominated Council – they can’t pass the buck to officials when they knew what was going on. 


Budgets have been cut.   Staffing has been cut.  Qualified staff have been let go and replaced by unqualified staff with no experience.   Temporary managers have been employed.  The Council has not monitored the work and has ignored complaints and warnings from parents and others.  This is not the fault of staff but of the Council.  


And it is consistent across the whole work of the Council from maintaining the roads to cutting the grass to providing school transport – incompetent and uncaring.


But BCC’s failure to our children goes beyond all of this – it is just disgraceful. The Cabinet member responsible must go.”



A clear and balanced summary has been published by the Bucks Herald



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