Lost - Steve Baker's campaign on Wycombe hospital

Wycombe Labour today put out an urgent appeal to find Steve Baker’s campaign on Wycombe hospital.   It appears to have gone missing in 2013.  A suspected sighting in October 2014 turned out to be a different animal and it too seems to have disappeared.   

David Williams QC, Wycombe Labour’s Parliamentary candidate said, “When you’re standing for election, you tell voters what you stand for.  You expect your opponents to do the same.  Voters can then make an informed choice.

So where does Steve Baker, MP for Wycombe, stand on Wycombe hospital?  
He says on his website that he has a campaign on Wycombe hospital.   So what is he campaigning for?   

It’s easy to see what he is not campaigning for.  He is not campaigning for an A&E in Wycombe; he has given up.   And he is not campaigning for something he calls a “full-featured hospital in Wycombe because he says “it is not possible”.   

Mr Baker tells us on his website what he did in 2013.  For example he went on the bus to Stoke Mandeville and took a video.   
But he doesn’t tell us what he was campaigning for or what he achieved, if anything.    

Nothing seems to have happened since 2013.  Has Steve Baker got a campaign but he doesn’t want to tell us about it?  Or has it withered and died?  
Or is it now a campaign to implement the proposals Steve Baker published last year to privatise Wycombe hospital?   Mr Baker paid £9,600 of taxpayers’ money to a company called Durrow to prepare the proposals.    
He talks of this being a ‘mutualisation’ of Wycombe Hospital.  That is what the privatisation of HInchingbrooke Hospital was called - and the private sector there are handing the hospital back to the NHS because they can’t make a profit.  

Is this what he is campaigning for?  For the private sector to take over Wycombe hospital like it did at Hinchingbrooke and then give it back to the NHS when it can’t make a profit?   
Mr Baker told residents to treat the proposals seriously.   Wycombe Labour thought this might be the start of Steve Baker’s campaign on Wycombe hospital, this time with clear objectives – the privatisation of Wycombe hospital.    

This would be a campaign Wycombe Labour would oppose whole-heartedly.   

But since October, there’s been silence.    This campaign seems to have died before it started.   Was the £9,600 of taxpayers’ money spent for nothing?  

With the NHS in crisis, we are left looking for Steve Baker‘s campaign on Wycombe hospital.  If anyone finds it, can they let us know.   We want to know what he is campaigning for.

This is where David Williams stands for on Wycombe hospital:-   

“I believe Wycombe needs an A&E department; Wycombe is a growing town and Stoke Mandeville is simply too far away - in distance and time - for emergencies.   

 I know it will take time to get an A&E in Wycombe.  It means the NHS having sufficient specialist emergency doctors to staff such a Department.   It means having sufficient emergency nurses, and having sufficient resources.    

As the NHS will only get the doctors, nurses and resources it needs under a Labour Government, voters will need to vote Labour to get an A&E in Wycombe.  

I’ve spent my working life fighting for people’s rights.  If I get elected, I will fight for an A&E in Wycombe.    

I also oppose any privatisation of NHS services or mutualisation or any other transfer of the NHS out of public ownership.     
The Tory –led Coalition Government has opened all NHS services up to competitive tendering and 15% of NHS funding now goes to private companies.  Privatisation will only go further under the Tories.  Labour will stop this profiteering and make sure NHS funds are spent on patient care.  

I stand for an integrated health and social care service.  I stand for Labour’s ‘Time to Care’ package to inject £2.5billion extra each year into the NHS by fair taxes on the wealthy. 

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