Letter to Steve Baker MP on EU Single Market Access

Today, the Wycombe Labour Party posted the following letter to Steve Baker MP. We look forward to his reply.


Dear Steve Baker MP,


We are writing to you today to express our deepest concerns with the developments surrounding the upcoming “Brexit” negotiations. Being an MP, you will know all too well that our country is severely divided by the EU referendum result. As MP of Wycombe, you will also be able to understand that the 52% of your own constituents who voted to Remain are feeling very uncomfortable at the thought of exiting the single market, and that’s not including any Leave voters who were under the impression that we had no intention of leaving the single market. 

We respect the democratic result of the referendum, and we also respect that you decided to back the Leave campaign, but it is simply wrong to ignore the concerns of your constituents. Your constituents understand that you are a passionate Leave supporter, but now is the time to serve those people who have leant you their powers, and do the right thing to try and heal the divides caused by the EU referendum. 

We respect the result of the referendum, acknowledging that the majority of those who voted wanted to leave the EU. However, this was not the case in your constituency of Wycombe. This is why we are asking for you to come to the compromise of demanding and supporting full access to the single market. By taking this action, you will be both respecting the overall EU referendum result, and also addressing the concerns 52% of your constituents have. MP’s are representatives, not masters of their constituents, and we hope you keep that in mind.  

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