Labour's Majid Hussain ousts Cabinet Member for Education in election triumph!

Local Castlefield resident and local campaigner, Majid Hussain, has gained the seat of Booker, Cressex and Castlefield from the Conservative former Cabinet Member for Education. Majid said that "It has been really, really hard work. I have been working very hard in the community and I have had a great team behind me for the last three months. Now it is my chance to pay them back for their support and the faith that had in me. I will do my very best for the people of Booker, Cressex and Castlefield!"

This is proof, along with major increases in our vote share in key Electoral Divisions, that Wycombe Labour is fully ready to take on Steve Baker in June's General Election. Our communities need the strong and principled representation which Steve Baker has failed to provide. Our candidate, Cllr. Rafiq Raja, is determined to improve the lives of families across Wycombe and with the boost we've received from yesterday's result, we will get out there in big numbers and fight for him to be elected as Wycombe's next MP!

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