Infant class sizes getting bigger in Bucks

Wycombe Labour today exposed a dramatic increase in class sizes in infant schools in Bucks during the Tories’ time in power.    

David Williams, QC, Wycombe Labour’s Parliamentary candidate, said “The last Labour Government capped infant class sizes at 30 pupils.   But this Tory-led Government scrapped this policy.  And the number of children in infant schools in Bucks in a class with over 30 pupils has increased by a massive 41%.   
Large classes make it much harder to teach children well and to maintain discipline.   There are now 745 children in large classes in Bucks who are facing these problems.   
The next Labour government will cap class sizes for 5, 6 and 7 year-olds so they are not bigger than 30 pupils for more than 12 months.
In answer to those who will say ‘where is Labour going to find the money?’ I would remind them that this Government has paid for 30,000 school places in new Free Schools in areas where there are surplus places.  This simply makes no sense when class sizes are rising and when people can’t get their children into the schools they want.
By ending the scandalous waste of money from building new schools in areas with surplus places, we will create more places where they are needed."

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