Incorrect crime stats from the Tory PCC candidate

Wycombe Labour today corrects the misleading information put out by the Tory candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in his election leaflet; recorded crime is going up in Wycombe and Thames Valley.  

Khalil Ahmed, Labour�'s Deputy Leader on Wycombe District Council, said  

"After reading this leaflet, I do wonder if the Tory candidate knows the difference between up and down let alone the basics of policing.   The reality is that recorded crime is going up in Wycombe and the Thames Valley. 

It takes time to make changes to police forces and to see the effect.    There'�s a time lag of some years. 

It took time, when the last Labour Government made more resources available, to recruit and train police officers.  It took time to bring in new ways of working like neighbourhood policing and intensive work on prolific offenders and on gun and gang crime.    But gradually the changes brought resounding results in reducing crime.  

It also takes time to see the effect of cuts.  Police officers are conscientious and hard - working and will try to carry on when posts get cut.  They will carry on working to make the best of things when their support systems start collapsing.  And they will act as a point of last resort when others can'�t cope � the mental health services, the local authorities, and the charities. 

But there comes a point when the impact of cuts starts to be seen in performance and it looks as though we may have reached this point � although recorded crime statistics aren'�t all that reliable and they also exclude some of the newer and growing crimes like fraud.  

When the Tory candidate claims credit for the 2014/5 recorded crime rates, he is claiming credit for the changes brought in some years ago probably in the last years of the Labour Government and on the basis of unreliable statistics. 

What policy has he introduced that has actually made an impact on the number of crimes reported?  We suspect his contribution to the impressive reduction in recorded crime over the last 10-15 years has been a big round zero.  

He might think his office is cheap but it costs nearly £1 million a year; he and his part-time Deputy, David Carroll, alone cost £120,000. 

It�'s a high price to pay for a man who doesn'�t know which way is up.�    

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