How much does a person need to live?

Check out the letter from DWP on the Facebook of Wycombe Homeless Connection

Over 1 million people had to use foodbanks in the UK in the last 12 months, including workers on low pay.  That is up from 50,000 in 2010 when the Conservatives and Lib Dem Coalition started. Thousands of people had to use a foodbank in Wycombe.  It is a disgrace that so many people have to use foodbanks in a prosperous town like Wycombe.  It is a national and local disgrace. 

The letter from  the Department for Works and Pensions on the facebook page of Wycombe's Homeless Connection says it all.   This Government believes that people can live on nothing; they don't need to eat or pay rent or wear clothes. 

Steve Baker says that few people are dependent on foodbanks for long.   But he voted for the bedroom tax, opposed amendments to exempt disabled people and voted for every single cut to benefits proposed by the Government.   He believes that the free market will look after us all.    But the free market will never look after the poor, the vulnerable and the homeless. The harsh lessons of history tell us this. He and other Tory and Lib Dem PMs have caused misery and harm to thousands of people.

If  the Conservatives are re-elected the cuts will be twice as bad as anything seen to date. Think of what that means – whether it is in terms of poverty or pot holes. This election is about the sort of society we want to live.  A fairer society where people come first or  an unequal one where money comes first"

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