Wycombe Labour today challenged Steve Baker, MP, to say whether he agrees with
Baroness Warsi’s views on Gaza when she resigned from the Government on this issue.

She said that the Government’s approach on Gaza was “morally indefensible” and
“detrimental” to the national interest. She said it risked radicalising young Muslims.

Other Tories have come out in support of Baroness Warsi’s views and called her brave and
principled. Steve Baker has apparently not commented.

For the record, Wycombe Labour has called publicly for MPs and the Government to:
- condemn the killing of innocent civilians and attacks on hospitals and schools by the
Israeli armed forces in Gaza
- take all possible steps to place pressure on Israel to immediately withdraw its troops
from Gaza and
- urge the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to desist from using
lethal arms and urgently agree to a timetable for a genuinely negotiated settlement,
based upon the two state solution.

In his latest blog in July, Steve Baker quotes a number of people including the Secretary
General of the UN and William Hague, the ex- Foreign Secretary.

However it is not clear what he himself thinks about the crisis in Gaza - except there should
be an immediate ceasefire on both sides, there should be immediate humanitarian aid and
there should be a swift resumption of serious peace talks. He also advises residents on how
to give aid to Palestine.

Ed Miliband, the Leader of the Labour Government, described Israel’s incursion into Gaza
as “wrong and unjustifiable” and said it would create a “new generation” of Palestinians
“bent on revenge.”

He added that “The escalation of violence engulfing Gaza has led, and continues to lead, to
suffering and destruction on an appalling scale, and is losing Israel friends in the
international community day by day,” he said.

The Prime Minister has called for peace.

His No 10 spokesman said: ‘The Prime Minister has been clear that both sides in the conflict
need to observe a ceasefire.”

The British government has not put any restrictions on the arms it provides Israel.

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