Funerals and burials for under-18s should be free

On Thursday 23rd February Wycombe Labour’s Youth Officer asked the Cabinet Member for the Community at the Wycombe District Council meeting whether she’d support Carolyn Harris MP’s campaign to make all funerals and burial free for children who pass away under the age of 18.

Carolyn Harris herself lost her child in a tragic accident when he was under-18 and has recently spoken out about the horrible experience she had to go through planning a funeral and being constantly worried about the costs. The strain which she had to go through shouldn’t be experienced by any other parent.

It is to be commended that the council currently provides free burial for those that pass away under the age of 16. However we feel that two further things need to happen.

  1. Free burials need to be extended to include 17 and 18 year olds as to pay for an adult plot without life insurance is vastly too much for many people.
  2. The council should also work with funeral directors and others to try and secure free funerals for under-18s as again, it is far too expensive for grieving families to pay for without life insurance.

We are willing to work with the current administration at Wycombe District Council in order to at least partially alleviate the pain bereaved families go through by not burdening them with costs that funerals and burials bring.

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