EU statement

The choice we have to make ...

This is a referendum about the future of the UK and our place in the world.  It is probably the most important choice we have to make for a generation.  It is therefore vital that everyone gets involved in the debate and understands the issues.  This referendum is about everyone's future and the sort of country we want to live in.   

We can choose to vote for a UK that works in partnership with other countries in Europe to try to resolve the immense problems we face - problems like mass immigration, stagnating economies, international crime and terrorism, climate change, pollution, poverty, exploitation, the power of multi-national companies, conflict and war.      The UK would be a  country that reached out to work in partnership, a country that had power and influence by getting engaged, by being at the table, and by discussing, sharing and sorting out problems with others as equals.   Wycombe Labour supports this choice.

Or we can choose to vote for a UK that withdraws from a partnership with 27 other European countries.  The UK would lose its seat at the EU table where decisions would be taken on issues, such as trade, that would have direct impact on our lives.    We would be disenfranchised.   We might find our border with France on this side of the Channel at Dover rather than Calais.  Scotland might have another referendum, leave the UK and join the EU. 
We would then have another border with the EU, this time in the north of England. 

We would become merely part of an island on the edge of Europe, disconnected and isolated from events, and having to tackle the same problems as a lone voice rather as a member of a community with 500 million people.  Wycombe Labour does not support this choice.

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