Education Shambles again

Wycombe Labour today demanded an explanation from Bucks County Council as 1 in 4 children in Bucks failed to get into their first choice secondary school.  

David Williams QC, Wycombe Labour’s Parliamentary candidate said, “Once again, children in Bucks suffer from the policies of the Coalition Government and the woeful performance of BCC.
The Tory –led Government has stripped local authorities of the power to require academies to provide places where and when they are needed, and yet it has left local authorities with the responsibility of providing places for children in the locality.   This is madness.  
The Tory –led Government has also stripped local authorities of the resources needed to expand places and  at the same time it has provided 30,000 places in free schools, many where there is no demand.  This is madness.
On top of this, Tory-led BCC insists on retaining the 11+ - a grossly unfair test- and the Bucks grammar schools now attract pupils from all over the South East; nearly 50% of the grammar school places in Bucks are now taken by pupils from outside Bucks.   This is madness.   
And finally because a lot of the pupils from out of Bucks who were successful at the 11+ decided in the end to turn down grammar school places, we have nearly 100 empty places in the grammar schools.  This is madness.  
If there is one thing we can estimate relatively accurately and years in advance, it is how many children in Bucks need a place in a secondary school and where.    And yet this Government – and BCC – have managed to make a shambles of it yet again.     And the pity of it is that hundreds of children and their parents were disappointed yesterday and many
will have now to travel long distances to school.”

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