crisis in A&Es

Speaking about the crisis in A&Es, David Williams, QC,  Wycombe Labour's Parliamentary candidate said “Because of cuts and re-organisation, the NHS is failing to provide adequate emergency care right across the country and this includes Wycombe. 

We know from talking to people in Wycombe that they want an A&E back in Wycombe Hospital.  We agree.


Wycombe Labour, with many other people, fought to keep the Emergency Medical Centre at Wycombe Hospital in 2012 while our local Tory MP sat on the fence.  


Now we find Stoke Mandeville is not coping.   In the week ending 28 Dec (the last week for records) only 79% of patients were dealt with within 4 hours at the A&E.   That means one in 5 had to wait longer than 4 hours.   And we are only in the first few weeks of winter.


Our local Tory MP says there is  no chance of getting our A&E back - he has given up. His  management consultants proposals which he  naively supports would almost certainly lead to the complete  privatisation of Wycombe Hospital where investors' profits would come before patient care.


Wycombe is an expanding town and Wycombe Labour believes the community needs an A&E at Wycombe hospital.  The last thing Wycombe Hospital needs is further privatisation.    We will continue to fight for the rights of the community  and the interests of patients."

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