Closure of ward at Wycombe hospital

Linda Derrick, Wycombe Labour's spokesperson for Health said
"Residents can see that what was once a thriving hospital is now deteriorating.  The Emergency Medical Centre closed in 2011 and maternity services went to Stoke Mandeville.  Their MP doesn't care and has said he wants the hospital privatised.
Now a ward is closing. 
What many fear is that the hospital, or part of the hospital, will be sold off for development.  Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust is desperate for money.  It overspent its budget last year by nearly £11 million and plans to overspend this year by nearly £9 million.  It will survive y by borrowing and has a cash flow problem.
Overspending is a national problem.  Across England, NHS Trusts overspent by a staggering £2.45 billion last year – a record.
So the Trust needs the money and WDC needs housing so residents can see that development is a possibility. 
What the Trust should do is come clean about its long term plans for the future of Wycombe hospital.
It makes good sense to make more provision for elderly people in their own homes or the community rather than hospital.  It is better for the elderly and it is cheaper.  But against the background of the Trust facing bankruptcy, residents need assurance that £1 million is going to cover the need.  And they need assurance  that this is not the start of preparing the hospital for a housing redevelopment."

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