The Children’s Centre Campaign:

What’s been going on?

The County Council has finally acknowledged a cross party campaign that opposed their absurd, proposed cuts to vital children’s services, as their decision was called in – putting them under further scrutiny. They had proposed to close 35 invaluable Children’s Centres, whilst they replaced them with 9 ‘community team bases,’ a move that will save the council £3 million.

It is ironic that the Council have acknowledged that the demand for Children’s Social Care has increased, but their response is to reduce funding to such vital services. In this age of austerity, we cannot abandon residents when they are more vulnerable than ever. Residents that are faced with poverty, health issues and other such tragic predicaments cannot be left alone when undergoing such a turbulent time in their lives. Moreover, the council expects these new ‘team bases’ to completely replace the current centres and supports the idea of ‘family workers going out into the community and providing services that best suit the families’ individual locations.’ An example of a ‘location that best suits the families’ individual location’ would be something along the lines of a library or a coffee shop – not the sort of location for potentially personal and important discussions.

This is why Wycombe Labour has actively been campaigning against this move, and we have worked alongside other parties that hold the same stand as us on this issue. Regardless of your political affiliation, we will gladly work alongside you as we fight against these damaging cuts and this was made evident through the decision to call in the council’s
decision – which was done by a collective group of Councillors.

Our movement has gained a lot of support and is receiving a significant amount of attention from the local press. Keep following us on Social Media for any updates, or contact us if you’d like to get involved.

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