Children's Services - Tories blame police, education and health trustss

Wycombe Labour demands to know what on earth is happening to Children’s Service as the Leader of the Tory Group on BCC blames the police, education and health trusts for failures in children’s safeguarding in Bucks.  

Linda Derrick, Wycombe Labour’s spokesperson on health and social care, said 

“Councillor Tett appeared in front of the BCC’s Select Committee last week.    
As normal, he didn’t express a word of regret about the failures of BCC towards vulnerable children in Bucks.   Not a hint of an apology to the thousands of children who are ill, or are disabled, or have learning disabilities, or who are being neglected or abused.
Instead he attacked the police, the education sector and the healthcare trusts for not supporting BCC in partnership working.    He accused Thames Valley Police, the education sector and the health trusts of having “culture issues”.    
He complained that the police, education sector and healthcare trusts blamed BCC for the failures in safeguarding children in Bucks and that they wouldn’t accept they were also to blame - this from a man who hasn’t taken any responsibility himself for his failure of leadership for Children’s Services.  
He complained that the police, education and healthcare trusts didn’t turn up to meetings BCC organised.  Councillor Tett specifically complained about the absence of representatives from Thames valley Police at two meetings of BCC’s Improvement Board which he attended.    
BCC has had years to build good working relationships with its partners.  Are we now to assume that these relationships have broken down just when BCC needs its partners most to prove to the Secretary of State that it can manage Children’s Services well.   Presumably if BCC doesn’t convince the Secretary of State, then it will blame everyone else for suddenly
leaving it in the lurch?  
Or are we to take it that partnership working by BCC has been poor for some time and its partners haven’t been able to respond to a sudden rash of demands from BCC for help.  
What on earth do BCC’s partners think of Councillor Tett blaming them at a public meeting when they had no opportunity to respond?    Did they know he was going to go public?  
What an extraordinary thing to do.   
Wycombe Labour would like to know what is going on.  BCC has provided no statements about Children’s Services for months and nothing about the Secretary of State’s advisors who are currently working in BCC at our expense.     
We would now like to know exactly what complaints BCC have about the police, education sector and the health trusts.  And we would like to hear the response to those complaints.   
Councillor Tett needs to back up his allegations or apologise."

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