Charlie Hebdo

The Mayor of Wycombe, Councillor Khalil Ahmed, recently issued a statement about the Charlie Hebdo killings.  There has been a lot of comment on his statement in the press.  Wycombe Labour's response is here.


We condemn the killings in France, as we condemn the massacre of innocent people wherever it takes place across the world, and believe in a society where people respect one another and show tolerance.   

We have no comment to make about the statement put out by the Mayor.  This is a non-political role representing all the people of Wycombe.

Wycombe Labour is a secular organisation whose members cover all religions or none.    It does not express religious views.

Any comments made by the members of Wycombe Labour on religious issues are made in a personal capacity and do not necessarily represent the views of Wycombe Labour.

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