Campaigning in Wycombe 4th April 2015

The Campaign is hotting up in Wycombe. The delivery of the first free post pamphlets and the Bucks Free Press poll results has clearly had an effect in Wycombe. Many more people wanted to come and discuss matters of concern about local and national issues. IMG_1974.jpg

The Campaign Team received a very warm welcome in Wycombe this morning. The delivery of the first Freepost leaflet has clearly had an impact and lots of people wanted to come and say hello to the team.  We were campaigning on the NHS and on the cost of living crisis. Lacey wanted to talk about the A & E at the hospital, GP appointments and provision for the elderly and disabled. We were invited to go and talk to the residents of Red Kite sheltered housing. Others wanted to talk about the economy, the 11+, potholes, double parking and much much more. We handed out a few Campaign bags to people who wanted posters. Many expressed great hope that Labour could win in Wycombe and were pleased with the results of the BFP Poll.  Ian and Rafiq even tried out the loudhailer - politics as it used to be done. Has anyone got a soapbox?

We then headed off to Oakridge and Castlefield to canvass. Sebert and Hanif were running the day and we got a huge number of pledges in the afternoon. The roads are going to to be festooned with Labour posters and boards. 

All in all a great days campaigning. 

Thank you to the team in particular Andrew for coming out from London, Ian, Hanif, Sebert, Linda, Ian, Derek, Marion, Angela, Janet, Adam, Hashmi, Rafiq and Stephen.


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