Bucks Tory leader says no to austerity and yes to Labour policies

Wycombe Labour is delighted that BCC has finally realised what the Coalition’s austerity cuts are doing to Bucks and that BCC is imploring George Osborne to stop the cuts. 

On Sunday, Conservative Council Leader Martin Tett joined with 118 other councils from all the main parties in a letter to the Observer imploring Chancellor George Osborne not to impose further cuts and to devolve power to local councils.
David Williams, QC, Wycombe Labour’s parliamentary candidate said, “ At last the Conservative led BCC has seen the light and signed up to Labour policies on the economy and on decentralising power.   
At last they have seen how cuts to Children’s Services put our children at risk and how child poverty creates more children in need.  At last they have seen that cuts to elderly care simply transfers costs onto the NHS meaning longer waiting times for operations and other treatment.  
At last they have seen how cuts to road maintenance has meant short-term pothole filling leading to even bigger potholes to fill and motorists and cars at risk.  
At last they have seen how cuts to investment in towns have left town centres empty and lifeless – and has reduced income from business rates.   
They have seen how cuts have meant a downward spiral of services. It’s bad for individuals and bad for the economy.   
What they have not yet realised is that those who can afford to pay more should do so.  
Seventy years ago, when the country was suffering from the economic effects of taking on and defeating right wing extremism in the form of Nazism and Fascism, the Labour Government called on all to share equally the burden of getting the country back on its feet.   
This Conservative government believes that ordinary working families and those on benefits should bear the burden while the wealthy get on with making money – after all it will all trickle down won’t it?  
Labour believes that if you look after the people the pounds will look after themselves. The Tories believe the opposite – if you look after the pounds the people can look after themselves.  
We have already offered Labour membership to WDC Councillors as they disagreed with the Coalition Government’s policy on housing and planning and embraced the spirit of Labour’s policies.   

We are pleased to similarly offer Labour Party membership to BCC Councillors as they reject the Coalition Government’s policies on the economy.  The last step on their journey is to put the interests of the people - not the economy - first in all decision making.”

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