Bucks hospitals go deeper into the red

The Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust runs the NHS hospitals in Bucks.  It continues to flag up delivery of its annual financial plan as red in its risk register.  The risk of the Trust not delivering its annual financial plan is assessed as “likely” and the consequences are assessed as “major”. 

November 2015’s outturn showed a year-to-date deficit of £8.9 million.  On this basis, forecasts for the end of year vary from a best case projection of £6.7m deficit to a worst case projection of £14.4m deficit.

The position for December 2015 (latest figures) is worse with a year-to- date deficit of £10.4 million.

 The major variance from budget is for temporary staff costs.  The deficit for temporary staff is now £22.4 million.  This is the major variance from budget.

 The Trust’s cash position is also flagged up as red.  The Trust has accessed £24.6m in temporary borrowing to date.  An additional £1m was approved for draw down in January.


All figures taken from the latest Board papers for the 27 Jan 2016 meeting.

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