Labour4Wycombe at Bucks New University Freshers Fayre

Labour4Wycombe generated great interest at the Bucks New University Freshers Fayre.

A team from Labour4 Wycombe including David Williams QC our Parliamentary Candidate went to a packed Freshers Fayre at BNU on 25 September 2014. There was great interest from the students and we recruited several new members with expressions of interest from many, many more. The new members will hopefully be enough to start a Labour Student's Society. We had a hard hitting on-screen presentation, a competition and a mock ballot. It was great to see such a high level of interest in politics from so many students and their willingness to vote and get involved. We had a competition with 'Student Lock-In' on the stall next door to see who generated the most interest. I thought it was a pretty balanced outcome but other's tell me I that might not have been the case. Well better locked in to something than locked out of politics 

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