BCC won’t provide vital information on Children’s Services

Wycombe Labour today made a complaint to the Information Commissioner about Bucks County Council’s failure to provide information about the Children’s Services requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

Linda Derrick, Wycombe Labour’s spokesperson for health and social care, said “Bucks County Council continues to be secretive and unaccountable.   I asked BCC for information about its Children’s Services and it has failed to provide the information. 

I asked for example for an internal BCC report.  It was on the basis of this report that BCC’s Cabinet approved an additional £5.8 million in September for Children’s Services which OFSTED had just assessed as inadequate. 

I also asked how many social workers had left BCC in the past 5 years a) by natural wastage and b) through redundancy or early retirement.

The reasons BCC has given for its failure to provide the information are simply ridiculous.   

As BCC is so reluctant to provide information, I wonder what they are trying to hide.

The report took seven months to produce so I expect it to analysis carefully what had gone wrong with Children’s Services and recommend actions to put matters right.   I would expect those actions to be costed so we can see what the £5.8 million is to be spent on.

What is in the report that makes it so embarrassing for BCC?

And I now wonder if BCC made social workers redundant.   At a time when the Children’s Services were stretched to the limit?  When BCC say they cannot recruit social workers?

Can BCC have been so incompetent?”

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