BCC reviews Childrens' Centres again and again and again

Khalil Ahmed, Labour Councillor for Disraeli, said

“Sure Start centres were set up by the Labour Government to give help and advice on child and family health, parenting, money, training and employment.

Some centres also provided early learning and full day care for pre-school children. They were open to all parents, carers and children and most of the services were free. 

All the research showed that Sure Start had a positive effect on the health and education of children and helped families to cope.  

For example, children who attend children’s centres do better in their first year at school.  They do 30% better in tests, can concentrate better and are more comfortable and better behaved.

Parents, particularly single parent had somewhere to go with Sure Start to talk through their problems.  Because it was for everyone, there was no stigma attached to going to Sure Start and parents could help one another.  It helped bring communities together.

These services are vital, particularly for the poor and the vulnerable.

Since the Tories came into power in 2010, Sure Start centres have been renamed, starved of resources and had their opening hours and services cut.  Some have closed or are moribund, some have been outsourced, and all have been reviewed to death.

Here’s another review coming up.   

All BCC want to do is find savings as BCC is broke.  BCC doesn’t care about the children or deprived families.  They just want to make cuts."

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