BCC recruits Romanian social workers

Wycombe Labour today exposed the hypocrisy of the Tories in Bucks as Steve Baker, MP for Wycombe, calls for the UK to control immigration and get out of Europe, while BCC sends a team to Romania to recruit social workers for its Children’s Services.  

As Steve Baker calls for the free market to take over the public sector, BCC complains the free market in social workers is not working and costs too much.   
Linda Derrick, Wycombe Labour’s health spokesperson said, “The last Labour Government invested money in the training of social workers.   Qualified, experienced social workers were employed on a permanent basis and provided continuity for vulnerable children.   
The last Tory-led Government cut the training of social workers and put tuition fees up.  It also cut local authority budgets.   
BCC made social workers redundant, cut the budget of Children’s Services and employed expensive agency staff.     
As a result, OFSTED assessed BCC’s Children’s Services as inadequate and said BCC was putting children at risk.   
BCC now needs to recruit 81 qualified social workers but it is finding a shortage in this country.    It has therefore sent a recruitment team to Romania.  Nine Romanian social workers are due to arrive in July and BCC is providing a relocation package and support in finding housing.   The Chair of BCC’s Children’s Select Committee has urged everyone to
make them feel welcome.       
It is costing taxpayers millions of pounds. “     
David Williams, who was Wycombe Labour’s Parliamentary candidate said, “Steve Baker wants to stop the free movement of EU nationals and is campaigning for the UK to leave the EU.   
Meanwhile up the road, his Tory colleagues are recruiting Romanians to get them out of a hole of the Tories’ own making.    
What hypocrisy.
Steve Baker calls for the free market to take over the public sector.  But BCC are now seeing that the free market is expensive and doesn’t deliver on vital services.      
The Tories say the last Labour Government was profligate.    We can now see its spending on social workers and social work was a prudent, long term investment.   
This Government cuts and cuts until there is a crisis – and then has to put things right at an enormous cost, both financial and social; we have to remember that while the Tories are trying to bail out Children’s Services, children are at risk.    
The pigeons are starting to come home to roost for the Tories.”

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