Angela McPherson really must go

Angela McPherson thinks BCC had robust procedures in place to protect children from sexual exploitation.  On the other hand, the police have arrested 8 men in Bucks on child exploitation charges.

On 29 August, Angela McPherson, BCC’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said in an article in the Bucks Herald that she was really confident that BCC had robust procedures in place to protect young people in Bucks from child sexual exploitation.

On 2 September, Commander Acting/Superintendent Olly Wright of the Aylesbury police revealed that pre-teen girls were the victims of alleged child sexual exploitation in Bucks which dated back nearly 10 years. The police arrested 8 men in dawn raids involving 120 officers.

Two girls are understood to have been subjected to a catalogue of abuse dating back to 2005 – but police believe more alleged victims could now come forward.

Last month OFSTED published its report of BCC’s Children’s Services which it assessed as inadequate – the lowest ratings OFSTED can give. Its report is widely regarded as damning.

Linda Derrick, Wycombe Labours spokesperson for social services said “Do I need to say anything when Angela McPherson shoots herself in the foot with these complacent and foolish remarks? She really does have to go”.

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