Ambulances not getting to accidents fast enough

Ambulances are not responding quickly enough to calls to life-threatening incidents in Wycombe.  The Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group says this could result in patient deaths.

 South Central Ambulance Service covers Wycombe.  Like all ambulance services it has targets for responding to calls from the public.  It is required

-       -   To reach an incident which is immediately life threatening within 8 minutes of the call in 75% of cases. 

-        -  To respond to an incident which is life threatening but not so time critical within 8 minutes for 75% of cases

-       -  To reach a life threatening incident within 19 minutes in at least 95% of cases.

SCAS is not meeting the first two targets and is only just meeting the third.  This is an improvement on performance this year.  SCAS have continually failed to meet its response targets.

 The Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group has issued South Central Ambulance Service with a Contract Performance Notice.

 It is not clear why the ambulance service is failing to respond to patients calls as required or what effect the Notice will have.

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