"Polishing poo" says Steve Baker

Letter from Wycombe Labour to Bucks Free Press.

Dear Editor

We writing to respond to the article in the BFP last week in which Steve Baker, MP, accused David Lidington, MP, of "polishing poo" over the negotiations for the EU referendum.   

We are the spokespeople for Wycombe Labour for the EU referendum.    We are all young but the EU referendum is going to affect our generation more than any other and we think we ought to have a voice on this issue.

We can't support the language Steve Baker uses, which to us sounds rather immature, but we can agree with his view that  the negotiations are an irrelevance.  

All the Prime Minister has brought back from his round-Europe trips are four baskets (or do we call them buckets?), three of which we already had; the EU Commissioner has merely been kind enough to explain to the Prime Minister where he can find them.  The contents of the fourth basket, "the emergency brake", has managed to unite virtually all opinion, including the Prime Ministers' own advisors, in agreeing the brake will do nothing to reduce immigration.

Where Wycombe Labour totally disagree with Steve Baker is of course on the big question - "Should we leave or remain in the EU?".    Wycombe Labour has debated the issue a number of times and voted by a large majority to support the campaign to remain. 

We want to stay in the EU because

  • It protects workers. The EU ensures that the same standards are used across member states, meaning that UK employers aren't put at a disadvantage when competing with other EU countries. The EU is continuing to work hard to increase standards at work, and we believe we should stay in the EU and fight for this.

  • We benefit massively from the single market and the free trade agreements that the EU has signed with countries around the world. Around 3.5 million jobs are linked to our membership of the EU and the average family saves around £450 a year due to lower prices which are a result of our EU membership.

  • We don't want to lose the strong voice that we have as a member state of the European Union.  28 countries have a louder voice than just one, and we have a strong influence on that voice thanks to our representatives in the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers. We want to keep our international clout.

We want to stay in the European Union but where do the Wycombe Tories stand?   We noticed Steve had few Tories supporting his launch in Wycombe the other week but had strong support from UKIP.    We would like to know the formal position of Wycombe Tories on the EU referendum - are they for or against staying in the EU?    Or perhaps, as in other things, they don't care about us young people.  
Adam Eveleigh
Fariha Khan
Mahamid Ahmed
Spokespeople for Wycombe Labour on the EU referendum

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